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Comments from Families

It was nice to hear the explanation - the historical and the emotional. Nobody has ever taken the time to explain the ceremony before. The service was long enough and short enough. It was a perfect bris. He didnt even whimper!
Emily Brecker Greenberg

It restored my faith in brit milah. It was gentle for the baby and for the community of family and friends.
Harriet Zilber

When the baby nurse says you did a great job - you know you did a great job.
Loren Camps

For the 8 years Ive worked as a baby nurse you are the most wonderful mohel Ive ever been around. The baby didnt cry during the procedure, which is wonderful. There was no blood, no mess. You almost wonder if you are really doing the circumcision procedure. And no parent really wants to hear their baby cry during the ceremony. Would recommend you to all the parents having babies. They can call me for a reference.
Audrey Clark

I had three boys (who had brises) but this was the most meaningful ceremony I can remember!
Patty Fabrikant

When our pediatrician first examined our baby boy Abe, she said un-prompted, Wow! Thats a great circumcision! Hell be VERY pleased with that when he gets older! We thank you again for your great job.
Pete Nelson

It was a wonderful and meaningful service. Well done technically, too.
State Senator Allyson Schwartz (PA)

I enjoyed so much assisting you at Issac Norman's Bris on 2/26. Your gentle kindess and expertise was a joy to behold. I am so glad the baby did well, it is always a nervous day for all :).
Bev Levine

I sent this to my Rabbi:

I have regards for you from Emily Blake, MD, who performed grandson Grey's bris. And what a bris it was! I've never been to such a wonderful ceremony - and I'm not saying it just because it was my grandson entering the covenant and MY SON doing the cutting. Yikes!

She is one special mohel. She spent about a half hour ahead of time with the baby - settling and, apparently, anesthetizing him to the point that he didn't make a peep. Very civilized. And the ceremony was just beautiful. Even the Hindus in attendance were in tears. She was sensitive and inclusive and didn't make any cheesy jokes like many mohels do. She told me she considered her approach Reconstructionist-y and I would have to agree.

I wanted to tell you this not only because she asked me to give you her regards but because if you're ever called on to recommend a NY mohel, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.

Bubby Julie

It was very enjoyable. It made me feel very comfortable.
Katie Driscoll

Dearest Emily: Aaron and I want to thank you for the beautiful ceremony you performed for our son. Since it is Aaron who is Jewish and not I, I was very apprehensive about the circumcision; but [through] the way in which you handled my boy with tenderness & compassion, you gave me the reassurance I needed, and you reminded us all of the sacredness of this ritual. Jules has healed so very well...I was deeply touched by your continuing care of both Jules & I. My husband described you as an artist; I believe he was right.    Our kindest wishes,
L&A R.
PS - I have just returned from the pediatrician - her words were 'beautiful work!'

I never enjoyed a bris before. I think you have a very unique and beautiful way of stating what is truly important.
Teri Siegal

Ive been to many of these - this was the nicest Ive ever seen.

My wife Shannah and I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Blake to any friend or family member who is in need of a mohel. In the days leading up to Isaacs bris, Dr. Blake prepared us thoroughly so that we knew exactly what to expect when the ritual circumcision was performed. Dr. Blake put together a wonderful, spiritual ceremony that engaged the audience at the bris...Several of our guests commented that Isaacs ceremony was beautiful and heartwarming. My wife and I were impressed with the fact that Dr. Blake made follow up calls after the bris to make sure that our son was healing properly. Isaac healed in less than a week; his older brother Jacob had his bris performed by another mohel and he took a full three weeks to heal.
Jeff Grossman

My wife and I can't thank you enough for the wonderful bris. We were both touched by your thoughtful words and your ability to put us both at ease during a pretty hectic time. Our friends and family all commented on how personal you made the service and how truly special the day was. And we greatly appreciate the follow-up phone calls afterwords to make sure our son was doing okay.

We will definitely recommend you to anyone we know who is looking for a mohel.
- Levi Fishman and Angela Jeffers

We feel very fortunate that you were there for us during the first week of our son's life. As an interfaith couple and first time parents, we were struggling to juggle all the immediate stresses that new parents face. But your extreme care and understanding truly gave both sides of our family a deeply spiritual day that we will always remember.
jeremy, mary stuart, and phineas